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Some time around 2015, I made a new friend. She was just starting up a non-profit to help kids transition out of foster care to life on their own. It was a humble start in hopes of reaching a not-so-humble goal. She had the legal background, the motivation to keep going, and experience with the foster care system. But when it came to technical knowledge, she was at a loss. (Note: I'll ask her if it's OK to mention her and her non-profit.) I immediately started helping her out where I could, and the idea of creating something bigger started to gradually form.

Here's the problem...

As we all know, everything is done with computers today. We all use emails, IMs, and other related 'online' tools for communication. Booking has moved to the cloud. Records are stored on OneDrive or Google. And every office has a computer or a place for a laptop. Even our phones have gotten smarter than they should be! This digital overload can be daunting for anyone. I've met PhD's who couldn't setup a new email address. I know engineers who would still prefer pencil and paper, instead of a new CAD program. My favorite was a medial doctor who didn't know how to use texts. Regardless of your conundrum, you're were most likely referred here because you and your non-profit need help.

There are plenty of consulting firms to pick from if you have the money. If you don't, you're probably willing to take whatever help you can get for as little money as possible. I'm hoping to create something in the middle; a non-profit IT consulting firm that caters to other non-profits. With flexible rates, an al a carte menu, and budget friendly solutions. This won't be free, but my aim is to keep it as reasonable as possible. Cover my costs, put some cash back into the business, and keep helping.

So, as of today, I'm creating this page to gauge interest in something like this. I've already begun building the support system that will keep Group404 running, and next I'll be putting together lists of what we can offer. If you're one of the non-profits interested in any support or service from us, please email me at jcleaves@group404.org.

A bit about me? My name is Jonathan Cleaves, I have decades of experience in IT, much of it in consulting, education, or health care. I've done almost every job related to this industry. From running network cables in an old warehouse, to designing and deploying a global infrastructure. I focus on low-cost solutions that are easy to manage. I build functional, not fancy.